Ask, Tell, Remove - New CYSA-N Policy

All Coaches and Referees Should Read!

Ask, Tell, Remove is a new CYSA-North and District 2 policy and process for all officials to follow relative to the conduct of coaches within the technical area. All SCYSL and Santa Clara Sporting coaches, and Referees should read this important document.

Ask, Tell, Remove

Coaches, Referees and Technical Area Management

“Managing the Technical Area” is a USSF 2009 Referee Program Directive issued February 2, 2009. This directive defines the issues and gives techniques for referees to deal with irresponsible behavior of Coaches during matches. This is CYSA-N and District 2 policy. “ASK, TELL, REMOVE” is a process for all officials to follow relative to the conduct within the technical area.

  • Ask - If a situation arises where there is irresponsible behavior, the referee will ASK the person(s) to stop.
  • Tell - If there is another occurrence where there is irresponsible behavior, the referee will inform that person that the behavior is not permissible and TELL them (insist) to stop.
  • Remove - If the non?accepted action continues, the referee may REMOVE that person immediately.

It is key to use the process and terminology so that coaches know that when they hear TELL it is understood this is same step as when a player is shown a yellow card and cautioned. Dissent is a caution, so to become a sendoff another event must occur. Note — “Using offensive, insulting or abusive language and or gestures” and some other behaviors are an immediate sendoff and do not require “ASK, TELL, REMOVE

Dismissal for non-playing personnel should be written as “irresponsible behavior” and specific details noted on the game report. The actions that “cross the line” are:

  • Coach/bench personnel leaving technical area (including entering the field) to dispute/dissent a call – even if the call isn’t what he thinks it is
  • Coach/bench personnel throwing/kicking anything while disputing a call
  • Coach/bench personnel kicking/hitting advertising boards or bench in dispute of a call
  • Directed abusive, insulting or offensive language and/or gestures
  • Inflammatory and/or aggressive behavior (verbal and/or physical) with the opposition
  • Interfering with the restart of play and field players
  • Making unwanted and/or aggressive contact with opposing players
  • Interfering with the AR or fourth official in the performance of their duties

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