How to use the Arbiter System to Check Game Schedules

SCYSL Soccer Schedules on the

Information for SCYSL Coaches and Team Managers on how to use the Aribter to access your home game schedules.

The Arbiter web site is a database that will allow you to check your home schedule, i.e., date, time, location. Our field scheduler assigns fields and times on this database. Using the games scheduled here, we assign referees. This means if you go by any other schedule than this one, there will be a good possibility that you will not have referees show up at your game(s), and/or you may be at a field that is occupied or closed for play.

Changes to your schedule may occur during the season for a number of reasons, but we hope they will be infrequent. Changes made through this database will be emailed to team contacts (coach and/or manager), the assigned referees, team coordinators, and a few others. I recommend visiting this site a few times during the season, just in case you missed an email. (It’s happened.)

From a referee assigning point of view, we do not want any changes less than one week before the scheduled game. Last moment cancellations by your opponents will be dealt with, but do not expect to get a warm welcome to a last moment game change for a game that’s been on the schedule for weeks.

If you require referees for any scrimmage games, please contact Burt Field, our Referee Scheduler at least a week before the game is to be played. He will attempt to find referees to fill those slots, but you are expected to pay the referees yourself.

Since we do have an active referee-mentoring program, we are interested in some scrimmages to help train our referees. Typically these would be with younger teams, since it is the newer/younger referees who would benefit most. If we can work it out, those games would be refereed at no charge to you. In return we ask that we can spend some extra time during the game to help teach the referees. For more information contact Tommy O’Brien ( ).

Arbiter Decoder Ring
For those of you who wonder how the team names are put together in the database, it is as follows: <Letter><age group>-<team #>-<team name>-<coach's last name>
The letter is assigned according this table:
U8, U10 Boys recreational teams - B
U8, U10 Girls recreational teams - G

<Letter>U<age group><B or G><Class #>-<team name>-<coach's last name>
The letter is assigned according this table:
U12 and above recreational teams - U
Competitive (Delgado league) teams - D
Select (Abronzino league) teams - A
State Premier League (SPL) - P (or SPL - TBD)

How It Works
You will get a welcome message soon. This will have information telling you how to get into the system. Once in, you will be at a "Start Page".  The center column will contain announcements (current or otherwise) of stuff that we'd like your particular attention to.

In a column on the left you will see three main categories: Schedules, Lists, and Account.

Under schedules you will be able to see the scheduled games for the team(s) you are associated with. Various options are available here; go ahead and experiment. BUT, you will not see any entries until we schedule them for YOUR team. (Schedule creation in progress.)

The master schedule allows you to see all the scheduled games, or a sub-set when you use the filters at the top. (Remember always to click on GO after any change for it to take effect.)

The lists category allows you to see contact information of others (coaches, etc.) who have filled in their personal information and allow others to see it. It may help in communicating with others when enough people participate. Contact information can be entered using the Information entry under Account.

A useful entry is Forms. There I have links set up to documents that might be applicable to you. Take a look, and if you can think of other items to add, let me know and I will see what I can do.

If you wish to have another contact attached to your team, let me know by sending their: First and Last names AND email address.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

We wish you a great, trouble-free season,

Bob Sherman
Referee Coordinator
Santa Clara Youth Soccer League




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