Important 2016 Field Access Information for Practice & Games - Make Sure Your Team is Compliant with Rules

Updated August 20, 2016

To All Competitive teams,

Welcome to another fall season.  We look forward to watching you and your teams compete in the coming months.  Many of you are seeing certain leagues releasing schedules for the upcoming season, so we wanted to provide you with some guidance related to field use for the fall.  Please pay particular to the following information.

The SCYSL Board has launched a collaboration with the Santa Clara Unified School District to improve the field quality of 3 locations that will get the most use this season:  Curtis, Wilson, and Cabrillo (game field only).  A significant financial investment has been made for this season, and your cooperation and compliance is very important.

Practice fields:  
This should go without saying, but it is the coaches and managers' responsibility to leave all fields we use in the same or better condition than when you arrive.  We are getting complaints at certain venues, including Soccer Park and Curtis, that there are water/gatorade bottles left behind after our teams use the fields.  If we continue to get these complaints and your team is scheduled to be at a field when the complaint is logged, your team will be removed/banned from using that field.  If you are at Soccer Park, there is a staff person on site who will report the field condition the next morning, so don't make us kick you off the field, as others would love to use that facility.  Again, coach and manager are responsible.

Second - There are 2 fields where Santa Clara PAL and SCYSL will be sharing practice space - Wilson and Soccer Park.  You are expected to share the field space and make sure not to get into any sort of turf dispute.  Please be sensitive at Wilson for teams of smaller kids if you coach an older team.

At Curtis, all goals and the shed must be securely locked at the end of practices.  We are liable if any damage or injury is incurred resulting from us not properly securing these items.  Also, the bathrooms will have a new lock and key system which will be installed in a couple weeks.  We will send you instructions on that once the new locks have been installed.

  • We are allowed to use any park or school in Santa Clara other than Cabrillo, Central, and Elmer Johnson.
  • All fields are not permitted for use until 5pm, so please do not begin your training sessions until that time.
  • Daylight savings time - When it begins to get darker earlier in late October/early November, we are working on options, so stay tuned.

Game Scheduling:
For competitive teams playing 9v9 or younger, all games will be scheduled at Curtis, Wilson (north field near the portables), or the Cabrillo small field.  As stated above, all 3 fields are currently being worked on in an effort to provide a quality playing surface during the fall season.

For all teams playing 11v11:

Given the recent issues with Soccer Park, many of you know that the grass fields have been completely redone and are in great shape.  That being said, there are 2 things the City of Santa Clara have advised us regarding use of the fields:

  • First off, during the fall, Santa Clara PAL will have access to Field #3 every Saturday, and will have the entire complex the weekend of Nov 12-13 for their season-ending jamboree.
  • Second, the grass fields will be limited to 4 games per day to minimize wear and tear and allow ongoing maintenance to go on.

Given those facts, and due to the increasing number of comp teams in our league who are playing multiple leagues, we have invested the fields mentioned above to provide additional quality fields for the league.  We understand that NorCal has certain field quality standards, and the work being done should satisfy those requirements.  The following fields will be used this fall for 11v11 games:

  • Soccer Park - Fields 1 and 2 (Sat); all 3 fields (Sun)
  • Wilson - 1 -2 fields
  • Cabrillo large field (games only - no permit to practice here)

The league will be mowing Wilson and Cabrillo late in the week so that the grass level is best suited for game play.

Thanks for your attention and best of luck during the fall season!





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