SCYSL Referee Instructions

Getting Started in SCYSL

Step 1 - Sign-Up in The Arbiter

When you register in the you are telling us that you are ready to referee games. We need to know when you are unavailable so we can schedule games around your schedule. Remember that nobody gets paid until the Center Referee enters the game report. If you have further scheduling questions, please contact Burt Fields, Referee Scheduler

Step 2 - Referee Scheduling - How Do I Find My Games?

Referee scheduling is now handled via web-based database.
If you are not yet registered, please contact Burt Fields, Referee Scheduler
Once registered, please go to and use your e-mail address and password to sign in.
During your first time online, and whenever there is a change, please update your contact information so that we can get to you and, when you work, pay you.
Then, whenever this changes, block out the times that you know you will not be available. This way we will not contact you for games when you can’t/don’t want to work anyway.
Finally, keep an eye on the schedule, and if you see a game you really want to do, contact Burt Fields, Referee Scheduler

Reminder e-mail should go out three days before your assignment.

Since we’re new at this, please bear with us. Changes will happen. For any operational issues, contact the Referee Coordinator. Same goes for any operational suggestions.
Thanks for working with us!
Burt Field, SCYSL Referee Scheduler




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