NorCal Premier League Send-Off Instructions & Rules

For those referees that officiate a NorCal League game, please note the following:

  • Teams competing in NorCal Premier League are sanctioned under US Club Soccer
  • No guest players are allowed in any NorCal State Cup game, so please ensure that all players are listed on the team’s official roster (no guest players can be handwritten and added to team roster)

Send-Off Instructions

There are two reports for referees to fill out:

Send off (also known as 24 hour report) - to be filled out on-line by using this link:

Incidence report is to be filled out involving, issues with coaches and spectators (before, during and after the game), field conditions, player injury, game abandon/suspension, players and coaches passes and any other related items. Please use this link to fill out the incidence report:




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