SCYSL Referee Mentoring Program

This program is provided by SCYSL to all referees at every level who wants to improve officiating skills. If you want to be mentored by certain referees who are helpful, let us know.

  • A Mentor can work the same game with waiting for feedback
  • Mentors TEACH & LEAD at the fields. We attend two 90 minute Mentor training sessions first.
  • SCRIMMAGE GAMES & JAMBOREES: our Coaches know how important practice is; they give us practice games & we use them to train referees. They are fun & everybody wins. We also begin practicing right in the Licensing Class where attendees are Assistant Referees in a scrimmage game.
  • Mentors come in all sizes, ages, and with varying experiences. We also send a ’ feedback email ’ that provides a written record to read another time.
  • Mentoring Program Handout
  • Mentoring Program - Making Diagonal Runs Handout
  • Mentor Evaluation Form - updated 3/2010

Contact Info:

Tommy O’Brien, Program Coordinator,

Bob Sherman, SCYSL Referee Coordinator




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