Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park Rules

Rules and Driving Directions

Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park Rules

Updated August 2008 | Download Rules & Driving Directions

  1. Youth are described as 23 years or younger. Local Colleges (Mission, Santa Clara University.) will qualify as youth organizations.
  2. Soccer activities only scheduled at Youth Soccer Park
  3. Grass facilities are for game use only.
  4. Turf field for games and limited practice scheduled at Parks and Recreation discretion
  5. Weekend use restricted to games only.
  6. Concessions or merchandise cannot be sold without prior permission made in writing.
  7. Molded cleats or turf/indoor shoes only. No medal or screw-on cleats permitted.
  8. Ice chests, food, and beverages are not permitted inside the field area.
  9. Gum, sunflower seeds, and peanuts are strictly prohibited. Use of facility will be forfeited and all future use canceled.
  10. Alcohol is strictly prohibited. Violation with result in immediate suspension of use permit.
  11. Use of tobacco products are strictly prohibited. Violation will result in immediate suspension of use permit.
  12. Booking party is responsible for clean up of facilities and restrooms. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of security deposit and cancellation of any remaining events.
  13. Vehicles and Animals are prohibited in or around the Youth Soccer Park.
  14. Tape, tacks, staples or signs are not allowed in or around the facilities.
  15. All fees and contracts are due 14 days prior to scheduled activities. If not completed, event will be cancelled.
  16. The City of Santa Clara reserves the right to change or cancel contract as needed.
  17. Overnight Parking is prohibited
  18. Water is the only beverage permitted on the field of play at this time.  It is the responsibility of each coach to enforce this rule.
  19. No players should jump over fences to retrieve balls
  20. All goals should have proper weights on back of goals unless goal is properly secured (international goals) to field.
  21. Parents, family members or friends shall not play on fields while teams are practicing.
  22. Soccer Park may not be used for Try-Outs.
  23. All teams are responsible for providing a Field Marshal while utilizing Soccer Park.  Orange vests may be obtained from Park and Recreation Staff.
  24. Teams utilizing Soccer Park are responsible for all trash (water bottles, tape, equipment, etc…, for both their team and their guest). 
  25. All teams utilizing Soccer Park will adhere to these rules and comply with all requests from city employees managing the facility.
  26. Coaches are responsible for enforcing all rules and regulations while utilizing Soccer Park.

Any Team violating any of these rules and regulations may result in a temporary or permanent suspension from utilizing the Soccer Park facility.




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