SCYSL Volunteer Participation Program

The Santa Clara Youth Soccer League Volunteer Participation Program (VPP) was developed towards providing a quality and positive experience for the players and teams in the league. With the VPP, parents are asked to pay a VPP fee up front at the time of registration. Then the VPP fee can be earned back by completing volunteer hours.

In several activities the VPP fee is waived due to the ongoing nature or immediate delivery of the service to the league. The VPP fees are waived for:

  • Coaching SCYSL Teams

  • SCYSL Board Positions

  • Registration Assistance

There are various opportunities to serve the league in a volunteer capacity. These include:

  • Field Preparation

  • Field Marshal Duty

  • Team Manager or Team Parent

  • Tournaments

Note that volunteering as a Team Manager or Team Parent is an accepted volunteer activity, however it has to be a significant contribution to the team and their representation in the league. Being a team manager/team parent and simply attending the games and practices does not qualify as volunteer work. But if you are a team manager/team parent and put in significant time for coordination of practices and games, snack schedules, banners, pictures, end of season events, etc., for your coach and team, for example, that does qualify. So team manager/team parent work requires the additional signature of the team coach for verification. The idea is that parents who contribute to the league beyond the most immediate team needs can be recognized through their coach and reimbursed appropriately. Only one team manager/team parent can be reimbursed per team per season.

Note that we cannot accept "unofficial assistant coach" as a volunteer activity. While the spirit and intent to help out a team is appreciated, any coach or assistant coach has to officially registered as such with the league. For various reasons including league policy and the safety of the children, we cannot recognize or support any kind of unofficial assistant coach.

It is suggested that you print a VPP Fee refund form and take it with you to your volunteer activity. That way you can have it signed by a board member upon completion of your volunteer hours and save the trouble of getting this done later.

Before sending in you volunteer refund form, please check that you have clearly printed your name and address so that the refund check can be issued and mailed to you. Your phone number and email are requested in case we need to contact you to clarify your name or mailing address. Make sure you have clearly indicated your volunteer activity, including date and hours completed, and that you have the appropriate signature from a board member (and coach in certain cases).

Once your VPP form is complete and ready for submission, mail it in to the PO box address on the form. (Alternatively, you can send a scanned image of the completed form to the Volunteer Coordinator.). Once recevied, the form will be checked for completion and then turned over to the league treasurer for payment processing. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks to receive payment.

For the 2008/2009 season, a volunteer fee of $40 is assessed for each family that registers a player with SCYSL. For this season, the reimbursement rate is $10 per hour of volunteer service. Families will be fully reimbursed after providing two hours of volunteer service.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact me.

Tom Austin
SCYSL Volunteer Coordinator




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