SCYSL Soccer Rain-Out & Field Policy

Fall and Winter season is right around the corner, so we want to remind everyone about the league’s rain-out policy. The following rules apply to all grass fields except for the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park . Practices at Soccer Park are only allowed on the all-weather turf field, so it is the coaches’ discretion if they want to hold practices in the rain. If there is thunder and lightning present, then practices must immediately stop.

Practices - when it’s raining on a practice day, all coaches should either check the "Field Alert" status on the homepage (and sign-up for the text message alerts). If there is rain, and a threat of thunder and lightning after practice has started, coaches should end practice immediately.

Games  - prior to the start of each game, all referees are required to evaluate field conditions and determine whether a game can safely be played. Unless it has been raining steadily the night prior to, and morning of the game, coaches should expect to arrive at your scheduled game. Referees will make a decision on the safety to play or not. If there is rain, and a threat of thunder and lightning after the game has started, referees and coaches should immediately end the game.  


In the event games are cancelled on Friday night, recreation age group coordinators will contact coaches that night to inform coaches Saturday games have been cancelled.


Note: Even though the City may allow games to be played at the Soccer Park the referee in his/her opinion may decide to cancel the game due to inclement weather.









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